AspxFormsGen Express
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ASP.Net 3.5 Generator.

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AspxFormsGen Express Description

AspxFormsGen 3.5 is a tool that automatically generates (ASP.Net 3.5 Generator) ASP.Net 3.5 Standard WebForms (.aspx) in C# 3.5 or VB 9.0 and their accompanying CodeFile (.aspx.cs or .aspx.vb). It generates WebForms with CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) functionalities using the latest Linq-to-SQL and LinqDataSource, based on the tables in your MS SQL 2000/2005 Database, all in One Click.

AspxFormsGen 3.5 is not a component, it simply generates ASP.Net 3.5 WebForms, using unbound and/or bound standard ASP.Net web server controls and the new integration of the ASP.NET AJAX Control Toolkit extender controls.

AspxFormsGen 3.5 is made for ASP.Net programmers, it generates ASP.Net 3.5 WebForms using the latest ASP.Net 3.5 technologies such as: Linq-to-SQL coding, LinqDataSource and ListView web server controls. It also integrates AJAX Control Toolkit extenders such as: FilteredTextBox, ValidatorCallOut, CalendarExtender, ModalPopUpExtender, AnimationExtender and more. Needless to say, all generated WebForms are intended for use with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

Can be used in the administration part of your website.
Contains a GridView Server Control that has CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) funtionality.
GridView uses a Sort Direction Image in the header.
GridView uses Numeric Paging in the footer.
Delete funtionality uses a ModalPopUp Extender for delete confirmation.
Delete funtionality also uses an Animation Extender when deleting GridView row.
Links to Add a new record and to Edit records are provided.
A link to a read-only WebForm is also provided for all Foreign Key columns.
One WebForm is generated per table.
Can be used in the public facing part of your website.
Contains a Read-Only GridView Server Control. No CRUD functionality.
GridView uses a Sort Direction Image in the header.
GridView uses Numeric Paging in the footer.

AspxFormsGen Express Screenshots

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What's New in AspxFormsGen Express 3.5

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AspxFormsGen Express Requirements

Operating Systems:

Windows Vista, XP

System Requirements:

No additional system requirements.

Quick Specifications

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